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Latest Android Releases
Samsung Galaxy A31Samsung Galaxy A31 (01 April 2020)
integrated screen fingerprint reader, a massive 5000Mah battery available in cool colors such as Prism Crush Black, the Samsung Galaxy A31 gives you some pretty functions for a reasonable price.
Xiaomi Mi 10Xiaomi Mi 10 (01 April 2020)
The Xiaomi Mi 10 is your selfie companion with a 20Mpixel front camera, a massive 4780mah battery capable of wireless charging an massive 108Mpixel main camera in the back with 3 additional cameras in the back.
Xiaomi Mi 10 ProXiaomi Mi 10 Pro (01 April 2020)
This Pro edition of the Xiaomi 10 has some slight differences such as a better camera existing out of 8 instead of 7 elements, and a portait camera with 12Mpixel resolution and a better wide-angle camera of 20Mpixels instead of 13 Mpixels