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Latest Android Releases
Google Pixel 4 XLGoogle Pixel 4 XL (24 October 2019)
Google still sets the reference for smartphones of its own brand with all the high-tech and mumbo jumbo included this device is once again a gem released on the smartphone market. As a cool new thing this phone makes use of a radar sensor which will allow you to control some apps on your device simply by making gestures in front of it. However, starting at an introduction of 899 USD this android smartphone certainly isnt cheap
Google Pixel 4Google Pixel 4 (24 October 2019)
The Google Pixel 4 is here, as always one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and also as always, one of the android devices equiped with the latest high-tech but also with the latest available Android OS. This time google is able to present you Android OS 10.
Xiaomi Black Shark 2 ProXiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro (19 October 2019)
An android smartphone straight from the Matrix, and designed for the gamers amongst us. With touch sensitive sides both left-and-right this device can be used as a mobile gaming station. With a high resolution, sufficient memory to choose from (between 6 and 12Gb) and a reasonable entry price of 420 euro we are sure this will be a beloved device